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Destiny-2000 Ltd. is the largest Direct Selling company, i.e. fastest growing and biggest Network Marketing Company in Bangladesh. 

It is also one of the Top 10 (ten) largest Direct Selling Company among the world. Ending June 2012, about 4.5 million Independent Distributors have already enrolled in to the system, and started working as an Independent sales representative of the company, since its inception on December 14th, 2000. 

Having its corporate office situated at NTC (Nasir Trade Centre) Tower, near Banglamotor area in Dhaka Bangladesh, the company expanded their 7 (seven) divisional offices along with 119 branch offices across the country. For the Products distribution, the company setup 15 Divisional Channel of Distribution (DCDs), and over 1000 "Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs)" along with few hundreds of "Institutional Regional Distribution Centres (IRDCs)" aslo been setup all across the country.

With the goal of creating self-employment opportunities for millions of educated-unemployed, semi employed Young hood, youths, and college out, University out Students of Bangladesh; the company started its journey on a very rough road from January 5th, 2001 of the company's first sales ceremony. Since the Sales & marketing plan of the company and the concept of the business system, was very new to the ordinary people of Bangladesh; the company started facing many challenges, obstacles, difficulties from the various sectors. The actual concept was also highly misunderstood by many people..? .. Even misunderstood by some of the government agencies..? ... Due to bad MLM business practice by the some non-ethical multi-level marketing companies initially.

However, under the dynamic leadership of its Managing Director, Mr. Mohammad Rafiqul Amin and his team, the company could overcome most of those obstacles, and made a remarkable progress in the business down the road within the follwoing decade.

During those periods, the company has made significant contribution to the economy of Bangladesh in many ways: by paying taxes more than BDT 400,00,00,000 (4 Billion Taka) eq.to US dollars $47 miilon, to the government ‘taxes fund to support the Budget withing last 4-5 years. Also developed a huge number of new taxpayers through the system, which is as good as 10000 individuals along With 2850 employees ended June 30, 2012. 

The New Sales & Marketing system of Destiny-2000 Ltd, know as “Destiny’s Hybrid Marketing System (DHMS)”, a uniqe network marketing idea, which is open opportunity to all and any Bangladeshi citizen, who is having sound physical and mental health, also aged over 18 years & having minimum education sense of "High School education" or knowledge up to "high School Certificate" level, can apply for an Independent Distributorship of Destiny-2000 Ltd. 

By just purchasing any product(s) of the company's listed menu with a declared value of the items for the first time or one time, he or she can qualify for the distributorship as well. 

The purchasing can be done access through online computer internet, and by getting access through the company's sale & purchase system, maintain by online advance ERP system, from anywhere.

After purchase confirmed via online and aquire a receipt no through sms, the purchased product can be pickup from any of the company's sales outlets, or directly from any of its sales outlets, such as RDC, IRDC or from any show rooms of the company, across the country. First time, by using reference of any previously enlisted consumer's/distributor's ID  or his or her purchase reference number known as CID (customer ID), the new customer can start purschase. 

An Independent Distributor is basically an enlisted consumer of the company. He or she is also became a self-employed sales representative of the company's sales & marketing team. This distributor/enlisted consumer can decide later on, whether he or she wants to continue the sales & marketing; or to build his or her business career as a sales representative of the company; or not. But to achieve more recognition and to acquire more sales incentives the same distributor should attend the training, seminars and function regurlarly; done by DSTC (Destiny Sales Training Center) or by the sales TEAM ? 

Or he / she can also decide, to be remain just as one of the end user consumer of the products and use the product(s) benifit as well. In addition, he or she can still invest some small amount of money (as low as BDT 25,000 or even more) one time to the company's other development projects through the other sister companies to make some profit in a long run, for certain period of time i.e. 6 (six) years. 

This type of investment will provide a good amount of returns within the said period to the investor distributor as an end user. Also time to time, the said consumer/distributor also can get some discount or can earn some commission by refering someone his known or from his or her next purchase volume, at any time. For that, he or she will be notify the purchase information, sales commission alert, royalties alert from the system by an sms to his or her first time registered mobile phone in the business system.

One of the missions of the company is to produce more food grain by helping farmers and supporting the agriculture sector; by working together as joint cultivation for the seasonal paddy, and co-sharing the harvested paddy among the parties. For that instance, "Destiny Agro Industries Ltd (DAIL)" already subsidized over BDT 20,00,00,000 (two hundred million taka) to alot of enlisted farmers across the country, who had participated with the company's co sharing rice product program, in last 3 (three) years.

Another BIG mission of the of the company is to setup over 40 organic fertilizer industry district wise, to produce quality organic fertilizer from the source of food wastage, agricultural wastage, animal dung etc. and to mix-up with the most advance technology of environment friendly bacteria of ECONAT yeast extract. For that program, for Last 3 (three) years, the company has contributed and supported 6 (six) existing sick organic fertilizer industries, by providing them unconditional working capital and made promises of advance purchasing the total production; through the sister company known as "Destiny Environment Savings Energy Ltd (DESEL)". The said company helps to those 6 (six) industries to produce over 10 (ten) thousand tons of natural organic fertilizer, named "Destiny Organic Fertilizer (DOF)" and supplied them to the poor farmers as subsidize, to support rice co-sharing production projects with DAIL. 

The same company, i.e. DESEL also presently working on renewable Electricity production of various capacity (150 KW to 1000 KW) sourcing from the Solar energy to able to provide electricity support to the ordinary middle class people in rural areas.

To bring a real change in the society as a whole, the company has been contributing a lot in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities). Its contribution to fight against the sufferings of the humanity is remarkable. Always it stood with the people who were devastated with the natural calamities. In this connection the company built and setup 2(two) units of 6(six) storied tower, known as disaster shelters, and distributed 16 (sixteen) flats of the 2 (two) shelters among the 16 (sixteen) disaster affected homeless family.

The group of the companies also plans many other social development programs for the next decade to support “2021 DIGITAL Bangladesh”, 50 years celebration program.  

And thus it translates its slogan into reality:

Together We Build Our Dream.