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Why Destiny

Why Destiny

"The mission of Destiny-2000 Ltd. is to enhance the quality of life by creating self-employment scope for the unemployed youth leading to promote millions of small entrepreneurs."



a. Develop 10 million self-employed Distributors and 100,000 jobs for the low level earner rural women by the year end 2013.

b. Be the highest tax payer company in the country through developing over 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) individual Tax payers by year end 2014.

c. To complete the mission of 6,00,00,000 (sixty million) tree plantation across the coutry to build green Bangladesh by the year end 2015.

d. To build 7 (seven) twin towers for company's divisional head quarters at 7 (seven) major divisional cities by the year end 2017.

e. To setup 20 (Twenty) different consumers' products' industries producing over 100 essential consumer's items by the year end 2018.

f. To support the energy sector, the company will supply & ensure solar electricity system for 2 million rural families by the year end 2019.

g. To build 7 private vocational diploma college across the country to accomodate higher secondary technical education by the year end 2020.

h. To establish 7 Medical College Hospital with health centers across the country to ensure the health support for all by the year end 2020

Company will also establish itself as a welfare company for unprivileged segment of the population.



Ours is a customer focused company thriving fast in both earning and ability to stand out as a leading Direct Selling Company. Our business initiatives centre on the emerging needs of the customers. Our commitments are-

1. To provide service with high degree of professionalism with optimum level priority.

2. To respond to clients' needs with speed & accuracy of their values & beliefs.

3. To offer first-rated solutions of any challenges, obstacles & issues.

4. To ensure our service with zero tolerance, safety and security.

5. To ensure our clients satisfaction is the first concern.



Integrity: Conduct all our activities with a sense of deep accountability by being honest within and outside the company.

Challenges: Seek not just what we are capable of now but acquire the capacity to achieve what we dream.

Team Spirit : Build team that we are excited to be a part of and that will push us to new heights.

Skills and Process: Upgrade our skills and process constantly to stay on the top.

Responsibility: Respect nature, society and stakeholders as the ultimate good business practice.